Saturday, November 12, 2011

"i'm sorry" part II: TheLargestWillieStyle/Chubbins

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A-Ha!  Welcom to a new blog post, my friends. This one, released from the gates of Hell on the stroke of mudnight on 11/12/211, is one of the best yet, and nearly an.. uh, A" very amazing net/weBachievement the likes of which we may never EVER have seen.  Now please everyone, just close your eyes, scroll down the page and feel a nice cool breeze pass peacefully through one ear and out the other.  but seriosly guys hush the fuck upand be quiet because this is in fact a library god damnit.

"His Majesty's Aerial Fleet" (pink series)
Now on displé @

Exposé: a great show, an excellent effort

G. D. P.: "adults only"



fancy comics 4 sale... Chou Chou T-Tank

^cover for #5.. holar @ me if you want a copy, lso, #6 is coming soon "the wheels are greasy"^

is 4alien?

"I don't understand what's going on here": an installation art piece by Vince Nub0rg

^fresh new portrait by my current friend, studio man, and comrad Guylord Kozakhstan, nice work bro, you can check out Guy's site @www.http://Guy'

¿T-Zup "ya'all"!

animated gif how to

animated gif how to
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