Thursday, April 29, 2010

going to bed

can't waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait.
stupid frogs got too much damn produce on top of his head.
nice hat and moustache, ya old octopuss
expect "Rat Sal in da Hood" in theaters near you in no time.
pulsating tumorous bighead's gotta be the worst.
the scariest lady of them all.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feature Film Festival 2010 battle of the videos blastoff

here are two boss videos i made for my design class. they're both super primitive. don't judge me. i mean, if you like em, go ahead and judge me but if you hate them and think they're stupid please refrain from judging. they aren't really real animations, but they were both really good learning experiences, whatever the hell they are.

that one was made in the FAV building's computer lab with advanced technology like a tablet, photoshop and iMovie. it was basically my first time with the latter two programs, and it was quite an adventure trying to figure them out. don't click on the more popular animation about cane toads with the same name (see related videos on 'tube) mine's better. haha. youtube says it removed the audio because i'm inringing on Biggie's copyright or something. i gave him credit and shit, but I don't think I really have any level of understanding of copyright laws. well, you can't win em all. The movie works just as well (just as badly) without sound anyway (except for the part where I use the two most hilarious sound effects back to back), so suck my butt youtube. OH HEY in this small blog view you can't see all the letters, so you're going to have to click on it and watch it on 'tube.

that one was made with a less expensive tablet, Microsoft Paint, and windows movie maker. I was more comfortable with the less fancy more familiar tools, so this one's better in my opinion even though I didn't finish it to the extent i had planned. i was going to make a really long trippy drug sequence after scary ice cream truck man gives Andy the drgs, but i ran out of time so I'll add that in when I'm less insanely busy.

Monday, April 12, 2010

busiest week of my life and COMIXXX

I just had literally the busiest week of my entire life, so I'm going to take a short break from my normally scheduled pictures and whine a little, (its a blog for chrissakes)

sunda: came back from spring break. liberal arts homework. got some slep.
monda: spent four hours in kinko's formatting and scanning my comic. stayed up till 5:00 AM working on 1.5 shitty animations for my 2d class
tuesd: studying for african art midterm stayed up L8888
wedne: bombed midterm. forgot all dates. stayed up till 6:30 AM working on my wire shoe sculpture
thursd: stayed up till 6:00 AM working on 20 drawings for drawing class
frida: barely stayed awake through drawing class then hopped on the bus to New York
saturd and sunda: MoCCA Festival!

Here's what I used for the cover of my comic. I sold it at the RISD comics table, and I didn't sell that many, but it was totally worth it for the experience, and I gave some to some pros who seemed to like it. Also traded a few, bought some stuff, got some free stuff, got some advice from lots of people, saw Frank Miller, Dean Haspiel, Paul Pope, Jaime Hernandez, and Kyle Baker (all awesome) in one panel, then got sketches from David Mazzuchelli, Dash Shaw, and Peter Kuper! Most of the people from RISD selling stuff were seniors, so I really hope that the rest of us can get it together next year and get a table again, because I had a great time and would love to amp up my comics for the next one. I have a bunch of extras so LET ME KNOW IF YOU WANT ONE. They're five bucks, but that's sort of a suggested donation. I could get you one next time I see you or I can ship anywhere and we can work out payment if anything.

Now back to your regularly scheduled sketchbook pages dump.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break 2

I guess what it takes for me to get excited about observational drawing is for me to be waiting at some random train station drunk in the wee hours of the morning.

smar·agd (smaragd′)


emerald (sense )

Etymology: ME smaragde <>smaragdus: see emerald


yeah, we found this nifty word when looking up smarm to see if that smarmy maestro was truly smarmy.
My entry to the Most Chinese Thing in The Room Contest. I was rascist because I included sushis and those little bad boys are japanese. And that calm purple creature was just a message to those who need to just slow their roll a little and calm down, you know. Listen to this purple guy... all the time.
cute asian train baby!
that african american purple hair lady fell asleep right next to me, so she was asking for it. I had to draw that asshole next to her because he just made me so mad. Just by the look of him, you know? Sometimes you know you hate somebody just by looking at them.
Not aimed toward anyone in particular, don't take offense.

what a long break. now on to the busiest week of my entire life.

spring break 1

Last night at RISD. Hoggy's here.
Rode a bike for the second time. Biking in the city is scary. Turning right angles and avoiding moving obstacles! One man opened his car door like fifteen seconds before I was going to pass by, so he should have known to watch out, but he didn't notice me so I swerved right into him and slammed right between him and his car. "Whadda you, drunk or somethin'!?" He was very upset. I said "No, I'm just bad at this" and biked away with much haste.
Pen and ink on the train can be a messy ordeal. Only for experts. Good thing some spills can be turned into beards for angry russian guys.
there was a debate as to whether he was truly smarmy. I think he is. He's an emcee, maestro type fellow. He's just a spineless stooge dressed up in a fancy getup.
That woman on the train looked so tired.
If you're taking the train late enough, you start noticing the monsters coming up from the tracks.
sometimes I fuck scans up on purpose. This is not one of those times. Big Hand Naked Angel King seems to have suffered a stroke.