Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break 2

I guess what it takes for me to get excited about observational drawing is for me to be waiting at some random train station drunk in the wee hours of the morning.

smar·agd (smaragd′)


emerald (sense )

Etymology: ME smaragde <>smaragdus: see emerald


yeah, we found this nifty word when looking up smarm to see if that smarmy maestro was truly smarmy.
My entry to the Most Chinese Thing in The Room Contest. I was rascist because I included sushis and those little bad boys are japanese. And that calm purple creature was just a message to those who need to just slow their roll a little and calm down, you know. Listen to this purple guy... all the time.
cute asian train baby!
that african american purple hair lady fell asleep right next to me, so she was asking for it. I had to draw that asshole next to her because he just made me so mad. Just by the look of him, you know? Sometimes you know you hate somebody just by looking at them.
Not aimed toward anyone in particular, don't take offense.

what a long break. now on to the busiest week of my entire life.

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