Sunday, April 11, 2010

spring break 1

Last night at RISD. Hoggy's here.
Rode a bike for the second time. Biking in the city is scary. Turning right angles and avoiding moving obstacles! One man opened his car door like fifteen seconds before I was going to pass by, so he should have known to watch out, but he didn't notice me so I swerved right into him and slammed right between him and his car. "Whadda you, drunk or somethin'!?" He was very upset. I said "No, I'm just bad at this" and biked away with much haste.
Pen and ink on the train can be a messy ordeal. Only for experts. Good thing some spills can be turned into beards for angry russian guys.
there was a debate as to whether he was truly smarmy. I think he is. He's an emcee, maestro type fellow. He's just a spineless stooge dressed up in a fancy getup.
That woman on the train looked so tired.
If you're taking the train late enough, you start noticing the monsters coming up from the tracks.
sometimes I fuck scans up on purpose. This is not one of those times. Big Hand Naked Angel King seems to have suffered a stroke.

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