Sunday, April 25, 2010

Feature Film Festival 2010 battle of the videos blastoff

here are two boss videos i made for my design class. they're both super primitive. don't judge me. i mean, if you like em, go ahead and judge me but if you hate them and think they're stupid please refrain from judging. they aren't really real animations, but they were both really good learning experiences, whatever the hell they are.

that one was made in the FAV building's computer lab with advanced technology like a tablet, photoshop and iMovie. it was basically my first time with the latter two programs, and it was quite an adventure trying to figure them out. don't click on the more popular animation about cane toads with the same name (see related videos on 'tube) mine's better. haha. youtube says it removed the audio because i'm inringing on Biggie's copyright or something. i gave him credit and shit, but I don't think I really have any level of understanding of copyright laws. well, you can't win em all. The movie works just as well (just as badly) without sound anyway (except for the part where I use the two most hilarious sound effects back to back), so suck my butt youtube. OH HEY in this small blog view you can't see all the letters, so you're going to have to click on it and watch it on 'tube.

that one was made with a less expensive tablet, Microsoft Paint, and windows movie maker. I was more comfortable with the less fancy more familiar tools, so this one's better in my opinion even though I didn't finish it to the extent i had planned. i was going to make a really long trippy drug sequence after scary ice cream truck man gives Andy the drgs, but i ran out of time so I'll add that in when I'm less insanely busy.


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  2. Haha cane toooAAAAADS! these are great, and if what I've heard about the properties of cane toad venom is true, they go together well.