Friday, May 14, 2010


so I'm basically a telemarketer. for several hours a week i call RISD alumni and engage them in fascinating conversation so I can trick em into giving us all their money. rarely, however do they give us all their money, and mostly it's just hours of listening to answering machines, so I draw a lot to keep myself entertained. one day during break i bought myself a fat orange brush marker. it makes me happy.


my computer hasnt been registering my power chord, so it's dead outta batts for as long as it takes for me to a. call some computer tech nerd people and b. for them to send me a new chord or whatever. thats why i havent posted in a while, but i'll try to keep up with this bulg even though it's more inconvenient.


uh oh

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  1. Sup man! Keep it up! Love the hunter/sheriff guy and monster face one.