Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Escape

the assignment:

You had to depict two characters escaping from a situation in five sequential images. Given such a broad assignment, my brain kind of just exploded in a thousand different directions and I found it very difficult to reign it in and settle on one idea. I'm giving you a little insight on my creative process by showing all the sketches I went through before I actually started drawing the pictures I would bring to the critique.

You can see how I started to try and think of my solution through doing little thumbnails, but then I gave up and spewed more nonsense.

Most of my ideas included a dog so I drew dogs for a while.

This was when I started to get really frustrated with my inability to produce a workable idea, so you can see me begin to integrate swear words into the mix. The old man, whose face you can see floating around on a few of these pages is the only thing that made it in my final story idea. So anyway, here are the final drawings, in which an elderly couple escape from a scary mugger. Click the pictures to make them bigger, you're missing out on a lot of detail if you just look at em small.

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