Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Sister Act Human Centipede"(2011)

^a brand new four word combo (starring Whoop Goldberg)

^Threw these to the winds at the MoCCA festival today. They're just tiny reprints of seven of my tumblr strips. They're fun to hold in your hands despite the bad production values, so if you want one let me know. If you found one of these lil rascals at the fest', welcome! You have made it to the official blog of "famous" illustrator/cartoonist/fine artist A. T. Pratt. Here is a collection of images I created over the past two weeks, starting off with some nice chewy nougat! How's that for a late night treat?

^holy shit

^inside-out sandwich ©J Shiff 2011

working on an eight page comic about Henri Rousseau!

^actual quote from Rousseau to Picasso

"abstract" art

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