Sunday, December 11, 2011

Happy BL8d Halloween / Urly XXXmas

/// this one's nearly identical, but he also adds some wise musings on watches, and how they ought to be round "so the hands can go around"

Rest in Peace Roon, hope there's no catalogs in heaven



Poor Adrian Tomine, clearly disturbed by my unbridled enthusiasm.
good for you phill


tick tok3

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    And maybe you are thinking so far ahead, this time, you want to make the juries think you really are all crazy.
    But with the thousands of blogs and organizations and mob using your TRAIDNE, we kind of doubt it.
    And GED got that message along with his sister, MARY PAT.
    They" flipped" so fast it was " astounding"!
    And so did DASSAULT with NYE.
    So, where this leaves all you UPEDRAY and OUTOPP, is up to the POPERS.
    You see, they turned , too.
    And when you got the ZETAS 99 talking like there's no tomorrow, that's exactly what " happens".
    Ted 's been a very " naughty boy".