Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May was a bad blog month.

Please forgive me, my legions of loyal blog followers. May was a terrible month for blogs! My comp is still dead outta batts and I was in the thick of finals! Augh! But in the end I came out relatively unscathed, (minus a phone, lost to the mysteries of the ocean deep). Now I am typing at my home computer at long last, "livin' it large" (my life motto) in NYC. The past few days I have been unpacking everything I own into my tiny room, and making a webpage for all of my work this year.

there it is, folks, everything worthwhile I've done all year plus every comic I've ever done.
"Check it out".

here's some old sketches I dug up looking through my stuff from this year.

get it

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    I hope you really live it large this summer, not like somewhat large or mildly oversized