Thursday, September 9, 2010

Family Excursion

this is my emotion when mother gives me no input on the 'tunes to play in the car. the car was an suv. we rented a big fat suv, it was very uncool and beige and fat.

fallin from the heavens, dummy/. boutta fall on yo head.

some old church courtyard we visited.

my sis josie was sick all vacation. so much snot and sneezing and mucus. disgusting!

i missed ma dawg.

here comes my pix from monterey bay aquarium! these were live animals so excuse the rushed quality.

oops who put that there


three different burds in 1 picture! nice to meet you, my name is john james audobon jr., I have dedicated my life to the same cause as my father and will draw birds forever.

we went to a restaurant called the Hogs Breath Inn which is owned by Clint EAstwood, so naturally the only things on the walls are photos of Clint Eastwood. Thanks Clint my prime rib was the shit.

old director Clint

young gunsman Clint

disgruntled old Clint


my duty as youngest child is to complain about everything all the time.

fancy pig lamp.

head chef of brandy ho's, excellent chinese restaurant! all the waiters and waitresses crowded around me while i drew him.

the true relationship between all cats and doogs.

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