Wednesday, September 8, 2010

//the last of Littlebook.\\

what do you guys think of my new contoon corachter; Miggy Mouse!


jiffrey has no clue about the creeping force of evil emanating behind his back. should we tell him?
fuck that! let's not ruin his good day.

who needs ya, you ugly evil bastard.

weird paper pouch thing at the back of the s-book.

come now lion, you are a majestic beast, don't look so glum. (let that be a fine lesson to all lions reading this blaugh.)
well, thats all for this littlest of all books. stay tuned for a huge blogsplosion in which i reveal all the sketches of varying quality i scribbled during my grand family excursion !!

1 comment:

  1. Hey Andy, I really enjoy your sketchin. I'm overwhelmed right now but will try to come back with some more satisfyingly specific comments