Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Drawing 1

Instructor: Nicholas Evans-Cato

This class was mostly focused on using anatomy, perspective, and light and shadow in order to create believable spaces in drawing. There are a lot of classroom exercises and homework assignments that I won't bother to photograph because I struggled so much trying to accomplish the seemingly endless checklist of requirements that would make a good drawing for this class. Nicholas Evans-Cato's ratemyprofessor page did not lie, he was a stickler for all of the minutae of drawing technique. Every imperfection or lack of clarity, he would point out like a drill sergeant. Sometimes I would be standing in his class practicing this or that different type of perspective, formulating my plan to burn down the illustration building, but eventually it sort of paid off in added technical confidence.

Here's one zombie invasion scene that I didn't completely hate

Towards the end of the semester, Cato had us switch to monochrome watercolor paintings, which I ended up liking a lot more than the charcoal/conte/mechanical pencil we were using before.




hot young model



my favorite ugly fat lady drawing ever

the last two weeks we spent illustrating these scenes we wrote. This one is called "The mystery of the glowing boot" by Yudi. It illustrates the story of a boy lured to the forest by a glowing boot planted there by some mysterious child killer with an axe. She wrote up a whole page of descriptions of what was to be in the scene, and then I had to render it exactly as she had described.

The next week we had to do a drawing that was a sequel to the other person's story, so I had the hand wielding the axe in the left hand side of the drawing belong to my own murderous clown character!

more jim and marisol

for our final we had to illustrate a scene of our own imagining. I have presented the image and many details, so that you may fully analyze the crime scene.

"beware of japanese waitress bearing fortune cookies..."


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