Wednesday, September 29, 2010

$$bigtime 30th post bonanza$$

boy, am I swamped. I have all this schoolwork plus all this other stuff people are counting on me for. Earth is a tiresome place to live. Too big, too much to do. I'd like to live on the moon. I hear on the moon all they do is just groove to some moon tunes and drink moon beer and hang out with friendly aliens. I want to go to space someday, but what if they don't let me because I have asthma and/or asymmetrical thumbs.

celebrate good times, come on! it's my 30th post in the blogosphere as a blogger member and a blogger of my own special art sketch blog. I'd like to thank all 11 of my blog followers; couldn't do it without the fans.

the last page of the big black book that put holes in my pant butts because it was obviously too fat to fit into one's back pocket but I did it anyway.

call me Mao Zedong, because there's a new little red book in town. forget about Mao, here's a modern day wizard, feast your eyes.

been thinking a lot about teh future. cyborgs and cybernetic implants are going to start being very popular. cyborgs: all of the intelligence of humans none of the mercy/ all of the deadliness of robots.

demonstrating the only way to open a set of double doors. slam em both open as if you're the biggest motherfucker on earth and you won't even fit in one door. if they happen to go in opposite directions, try to pass off your attempt at a dramatic entrance as just a regular door entrance. say you're sorry if anybody looks at you.

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  1. next time you come out of your room i'd like to see your asymmetrical thumbs please